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The Patient Portal is a web-based system that serves as a secure communication link between you and the clinic. When you log in to the Portal with your private user name and password, you can see information that is pulled from your electronic record at the clinic and displayed on the web page.

Our patient portal lets established patients communicate more easily with us. The portal is not intended for ‘Internet Doctor Visits’ or new problems. Instead, it will make regular communication more flexible. You can:

  • Request refills
  • Request referrals
  • Get your lab results quickly

We want your records to be complete and correct. Let us know if there’s any problem with your records. Sometimes we may use medical jargon in your records and it can lead to confusion. If something doesn’t make sense, let us know.

Privacy matters. We will never sell/trade/abuse your e-mail address. The patient portal is protected just like phone calls are. Use our Privacy Form to tell us who it’s OK to share your information with. We also think it’s important for you to protect privacy on your end.

We take security seriously, too. Computer networks do have real risks. We use appropriate technologies to protect your health information. We track security laws like HIPAA and HITECH. We protect and maintain all of the data at our clinic.

Bedside manner is complicated via email. It’s easy to misread information or emotion. We’ll try to keep things brief and clear on the Portal. We really appreciate your help on that, too. If a message takes a long time to write, it’s probably better done in person.

If we have troubles, abuse or ‘Spam’, we may need to change policies, suspend accounts, or even terminate the portal.

You can access the portal day or night, but we don’t have a 24 hour presence on our end. As a safeguard, the portal should not be used for pressing issues. If there’s an emergency, you should go to Urgent Care, the Emergency Room or call 911.

  • Do not use email to communicate if:
    • There is an emergency or urgent need for communication – call 911
  • Proper subject matter:
    • Prescription refills and lab results
    • Sensitive subject matter (HIV, mental health, work excuses, etc.) is not permitted
    • We do not refill narcotics/stimulants through this site – please contact your pharmacy
  • Be concise
  • Current functionality of Patient Portal:
    • Email and secure messaging
    • Refill requests (please make sure we have your correct pharmacy information)
    • Referral requests
    • Lab results
  • Because your log-in is tied directly to your Electronic Health Record in our office, you do not need to enter information such as phone numbers, addresses, UNLESS they are new or different than you have given us before
  • All communication will be included in your patient record
  • Our system will check when messages are viewed, so no need to reply that it has been read
  • Privacy:
    • All messages sent to you will be encrypted – see informed consent for explanation
    • Emails from you to any staff should be through this portal or they are not secure
    • We will keep all email lists confidential and will not share this with other parties
  • Response time:
    • After you agree to the “Policy and Procedures” and sign the informed consent, we will attempt to send a “welcome message” to you. This will provide a link to log in (it is free for you to use). We will not be able to communicate via email with you any other way.
    • We will normally respond to non-urgent email inquiries within 24 hours, but no later than 3 business days, after receipt.
    • If we are unable to access email for any reason we will attempt to have an automatic response inform you of this as soon as possible.
  • All Policies and Procedures are subject to change without notice.
  1. Request access from Capstone Family Practice. Forms are available on our site under Printable Forms or from our office. Review and sign the Policy and Procedures Form and return the it to us.
  2. After this is complete, you can expect to see a welcome email. On this email you will click on the URL link (web page) and use the assigned log-in and password.
  3. Once logged into the portal, you should go to “My Account” on the top right of the page. Here you can change your user name and password to something only you will know. This is essential to make sure your information remains secure and private!

After the above is complete, you should be able to use the site.

  • Messages
    • This allows you to send and receive secure email to/from our staff. This may include attachments, pictures, or other information. Use of this is very similar to standard email.
  • Lab/Test Results
    • Here you can receive copies of labs/tests done in the office, their results, and any explanations or comments from your provider. This is a read-only area, but if you have questions, you can email us in the Messages section.
  • Medications
    • You can view current and past medications written by our office or entered by our staff. You can also request REFILLS here, just please make sure we have your accurate pharmacy information. Please do not request any new medications. We will require you to make an appointment to get a refill of most narcotics (Vicodin, Soma, etc.). Texas Law states that a special prescription form is required and MUST be written for all “Schedule II controlled drugs”. (Most common Schedule II are ADD drugs such as Ritalin.) Our policy for these prescriptions is that they will be ready the next business day so please plan ahead.

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