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When you pray for one of the requests below, be sure to click on the I prayed for you button so that we can let the requestor know how many times their request has been lifted up.

Request Title# PrayersSubmitted On 
Please pray0May 27, 2018Details
Ashley Reiter5April 11, 2018Details
my son and my business please help3March 26, 2018Details
Healing2March 9, 2018Details
Please pray1March 8, 2018Details
Sarah Reiter2February 17, 2018Details
Ashley Reiter2February 17, 2018Details
my son and my business4February 1, 2018Details
Texas Job4January 29, 2018Details
Untitled2January 27, 2018Details
Survival2January 27, 2018Details
Marriage in Crisis4January 11, 2018Details
Prayer Request3December 31, 2017Details
Parker3December 27, 2017Details
Faith4December 26, 2017Details
Brother3November 21, 2017Details
pray for my IT capstone2November 11, 2017Details
Ashley R.5September 30, 2017Details
Untitled2September 26, 2017Details
Healing3September 23, 2017Details
my son and my business please4September 15, 2017Details
Struggling...Mental illness5August 26, 2017Details
complete healing from a stroke3August 22, 2017Details
Sarah2August 22, 2017Details
John2August 20, 2017Details
Healing for Disabled Parents and Success in Final Semester3July 25, 2017Details
help him make it through his operation.5July 10, 2017Details
Untitled1July 10, 2017Details
Spiritual warfare stop in Jesus Name, Amen 4June 24, 2017Details
Healing and deliverance3June 11, 2017Details
Praise3June 6, 2017Details
Thank you2June 3, 2017Details
Suicide7June 2, 2017Details
Good health4May 30, 2017Details
miracles for reconcilitation6May 16, 2017Details
Praise Report and continued prayer pls2May 4, 2017Details
God Save Eric !!!!!7April 24, 2017Details
Prayer3April 7, 2017Details
Prayer Request2April 6, 2017Details
Praise God for Becca's improvement3March 27, 2017Details
Prayer for Linda Merrell3March 24, 2017Details
Becca's critically ill2March 23, 2017Details
Need your prayers please7February 14, 2017Details
Healing of mitch5December 25, 2016Details
Father heal our wounds5December 6, 2016Details
Alex6December 1, 2016Details
Friends granddaughter 4November 20, 2016Details
Healing5November 7, 2016Details
Uncertainty6November 3, 2016Details
Direction4November 3, 2016Details
Successful surgery and recovery5October 13, 2016Details
Surgery Tuesday 2.30pm3October 10, 2016Details
Health and healing2October 10, 2016Details
Health and strength 2October 4, 2016Details
Strength and Faith3September 29, 2016Details
Mitch reiter3September 22, 2016Details
Guidance5September 8, 2016Details
please pray for my fast recovery.5August 26, 2016Details
Untitled0August 26, 2016Details
Help!!!8August 10, 2016Details
Husband / daughter in law7August 9, 2016Details
cancer8July 27, 2016Details
Pray for Eric's miracle!!!7July 18, 2016Details
Pray for healing 6July 10, 2016Details
peace and healing8June 23, 2016Details
Father heal my mind9June 15, 2016Details
Untitled1June 11, 2016Details
Teri Frenchak & George Blekas Jr8June 10, 2016Details
Surgery8April 12, 2016Details
Kidney Donor11April 6, 2016Details
wart gone 7April 4, 2016Details
Prayer for my son13February 29, 2016Details
Job Security11February 25, 2016Details
Prayers for my Father-in-law, he has cancer6February 10, 2016Details
Strength6February 1, 2016Details
Truth and Light drive out the dark and expose lies 6January 31, 2016Details
Pray for my mother11January 4, 2016Details
Healing5December 22, 2015Details
Prayers for my family.4December 21, 2015Details
Work4December 8, 2015Details
Nurse needs a different job6November 22, 2015Details
Untitled2November 22, 2015Details
blessings and protection and strengthening4November 8, 2015Details
Father heal me5October 26, 2015Details
Cancer10October 20, 2015Details
A Prayer for my son-in-law(Mark)3October 20, 2015Details
My Son11October 14, 2015Details
Spiritual and health healing.3October 8, 2015Details
My Son8September 18, 2015Details
Hospitalized overseas4September 15, 2015Details
My brother Scott, who is fighting a severe mental breakdown14September 5, 2015Details
Transition5August 26, 2015Details
Schools6August 24, 2015Details
Job for friend 57 laid off10August 14, 2015Details
A new job8August 6, 2015Details
for mitch R.7August 3, 2015Details
for CC and SJR5August 3, 2015Details
Jacob's Fight15July 29, 2015Details
Lord heal and restore mitch8July 14, 2015Details
Loss of a parent6July 6, 2015Details
Peace4June 25, 2015Details
General Prayer7June 24, 2015Details
Acceptance8June 13, 2015Details
Lord bring peace6June 13, 2015Details
Lord hear my plea5June 8, 2015Details
My family8June 8, 2015Details
Job opening opportunity 10June 3, 2015Details
Give Linda Peace9May 28, 2015Details
Prayers for God's People7May 21, 2015Details
My Uncle Tommy9May 20, 2015Details
Prayers for Penny16May 8, 2015Details
Prayer for Jennifer16March 24, 2015Details
Travel mercies to mission trip12March 24, 2015Details
Mother in ICU12March 24, 2015Details
Prayer for Carol11March 23, 2015Details
Dad's Heart16March 21, 2015Details
John with ALS18March 10, 2015Details
Please Pray For Me21March 8, 2015Details

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