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My daughter Sarah has been attacked by the enemy for many years through relationships. Right now she is dating a psychopath who is ripping her away from her entire family, she\'s only 20 years old. He\'s a God hating atheist who puts things in her head and makes her think that her family hates her and he tries to talk her into thinking she doesn\'t need us. She just stormed out of the house with all her bags to his pleasure. Please pray hard for my daughter Sarah Reiter, that she is protected and that the Lord removes the veil off of her eyes so that she sees the truth. Pray that Steven is removed from her life immediately and permanently and that she is delivered from the devil ever interfering in her life and relationships again. Please pray that God sends her a man who can minister to her and protect her and help her grow in Christ. Help her Lord find herself in you and grow in you Jesus. Wrap Sarah in your arms and keep her safe in every way, armor her Lord , Holy Spirit stay by her side, I plead the blood of Jesus over her and I stand in the gap for her and I enlarge her territory now, And in Jesus name we pray amen hallelujah!

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