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Brandi Reiter
Abba I ask that You are willing to immediately and permanently stop and cancel and block all attacks trying to, and coming against, my entire family, all of our loved ones, and I, and our property, blessings, and entire lives, etc, in the Glorious name of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ, I Stand in my authority given to me by You Jesus, and I decree this done now and I decree the enemy bound and I decree we are protected and restored to the Glory that God created us to be, with the same Authority I sever all ungodly wills and people from us now and permanently, only God\'s will be done in our lives and only godly people will be allowed near us, I enlarge all of our territories now and for good, they shall not be blocked, from the glory and will of God for us, and I cover us all in the Powerful Holy Blood of Jesus, I stand in the gap for us, in Jesus name, we pray, and decree Faithfully, it is done, amen and Hallelujah! Love, the Reiter family and our relatives and loved ones Hallelujah!

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