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Lord hear my plea

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What/whoever is hindering the love and devotion and expression of love between Sarah and Cody is immediately rebuked, cast out and blocked in the Name of Jesus Christ we pray, Amen. Lord in Your Holy Name, Jesus Christ, all and every doubting , fearing, banshee , adulterous spirit is now cast out and away and blocked from Sarah and Cody\'s relationship and marriage now! Be gone liar! Return to sender in Jesus Name! In Jesus Name, all and every unclean, waywardness is bound up in Cody and Sarah and driven out and away from them quickly and for good ! Amen! Be gone cheater, be gone adulterer, be gone whore , now in Jesus Name,Amen! Lord hear my prayers, ive been praying for their marriage together for over a year, hear me lord! Every single person influencing wayward ways, and ways that lead to death are immediately bound up and drive away from Cody and Sarah now in Jesus Name! Lord loose Your song of songs romance , right now and permanently onto Cody and Sarah for each other and each other only, of course in Christ, with Christ, and do it now in the Name of Jesus, and protect and sustain it in the Name of Jesus! Amen Amen Amen! Lord command Your angels to stand guard at the relationship & soon to be marriage, between Cody and Sarah, right now in Jesus Name, lord never leave them , post up next to them and stay in Jesus Name! Amen! Lord anoint their love and faithfulness with each other with Your healing and strengthening oil, with Your saving blood, now , in Jesus Name! Lord let Cody love Sarah like Jacob loved Rachel in the bible, in genesis 29:20 its says (my words) that Jacob loved Rachel so much, and was devoted to her so much, that pursuing her for years felt like days to him..And in song of songs, it says , i am my beloveds and my beloved is mine. Lord i speak these seeds of Your word and i speak them implanting them in Cody and Sarah\'s hearts for each other, in Jesus Name, and Lord if you are willing they will grow and grow and be sustained and protected together. Lord let it be done, in Jesus Name, Amen.

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