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Lord bring peace

sarah and CC
Lord please help Sarah bring peace to the situation she caused last night with her man, CC. Lord , turn her ungratefulness to gratefulness. let her soon-to-be-husband, CC, feel extremely appreciated and respected and loved by Sarah all day/night. Let CC be very forgiving & loving towards Sarah. this is truly a miracle from God as she was very cruel and harsh with her words last night. Also Lord give Sarah strength, self control and wisdom when she speaks because she can be selfish and ignorant. Lord stop her from a path of destruction and let her be a blessing to others lives, especially in her man, CC\'s, life. Let her man, CC, never take her for granted and let him cherish and love Sarah greatly all of the time, for all time, starting this second. Lord quickly and for good, drive away every adultery,doubt, evil and temptation from them. fill them with love,devotion, desire,endurance, strength, faithfulness, and dedication for each other , in Christ. Lord don\'t let anyone or anything separate them or divide them in any way, not now , not ever. Lord drive immediately & permanently away ,from Sarah and her man,CC, everyONE and everything not from You, Jehovah. Let Sarah be pursued by her soon-to-be-husband, CC, every day, starting now, and daily, for all of their , God willing, healthy,prosperous,loving,devoted, faithful and blessed lives together. Lord, crush the enemy under Sarah and CC\'s feet now, in Jesus Christ our Savior\'s Name, we pray, Amen.

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