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Strength and Faith

I have experienced some pretty tramatic things over the last few years.....and I have struggled more than I would think most people could imagine. I know that sounds selfish. I\'ve lost seven loved ones - one horrifically in a very short period of time. I am now alone and have no one. I struggle with what we went through and as much as I have tried, I just can stop seeing what happened. I am alone in the world, but I have been fighting so hard. And praying and believing. This week I found out I\'m losing my home, I am being sued and my car just broke...hundeds of dollars - but ironically I can\'t rent a car because I had to file bankruptcy when my loved one became ill. Ironically - the #2 reason for bankruptcy in our country is because of sickness. I am at a moment where it is hard to stay strong in my faith. I\'m praying for a miracle - I can\'t lose my home. How crazy, I have a home valued at almost $200K...owe $85K and will lose it because of $10K. Taxes all within a few months. I\'m tired, so very tired. I\'m simply exhaused Any prayers would be appreciated. Because at this point, I don\'t even know what to pray for anymore. I just try to stay in a place of being grateful and know I am blessed. But it is getting harder and harder to feel blessed.

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