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Healing of mitch

Brandi Reiter
I stand in the gap! Prayer warriors, agree with me, that my husband, Mitch\'s, urine test results and lab test results will BE FREE AND CLEAR OF ALL DISEASE AND SICKNESS, & Miitch\'s results will have ALL HEALTHY CELLS AND NO NO NO, I SAID ZERO ZERO ZERO can/cer cells, NONE AT ALL, hallelujah, IN JESUS NAME, all Glory to God! I bind, remove & block, all coming against Mitch and our families, NOW, and I loose all sickness and disease OUT & AWAY from Mitch, my family, loved ones and I, NOW, in Jesus Name, and I loose healing into Mitch, & my entire house, and our loved ones, and I, NOW, in Jesus Name, Mitch\'s lab work results WILL BE CLEAR, CLEAR CLEAR, no weapon formed against Mitch nor us, shall prosper, in the Mighty Name of Jesus, we pray, Hallelujah, Amen!!!

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